【Pikmin】ピクミン 6日ノーリセットRTA 63分46秒【6 Day RTA in 1:03:46】

iid01さんが、2015-09-07 09:01:32に公開した『【Pikmin】ピクミン 6日ノーリセットRTA 63分46秒【6 Day RTA in 1:03:46】』は、ゲーム動画 紹介wikiがYoutubeから厳選して紹介するゲーム動画です。


☆タイトル:【Pikmin】ピクミン 6日ノーリセットRTA 63分46秒【6 Day RTA in 1:03:46】


☆公開日:2015-09-07 09:01:32



This is the first Pikmin 6 Day RTA(Real Time Attack).
Timing begins when I select a new file, and ends when the cutscene of Secret Safe starts.
The time of this video shows the timer.

Day 1(Thanks to MrDodiou) : A decent start.
Day 2(Thanks to Konkon) : I was lucky through this day, especially due to Snagret and nector.
Day 3(Thanks to Konkon) : I instantly changed the plan due to loss of Pikmin, but I never expected that I could finish in 1Day.
Day 4 : I was too cautious, but it was not that bad.
Day 5(Thanks to Konkon) : Fight with Snitchbug was at good position and pretty good timing. I was cautious BTW
Day 6 : I found that It really was Final Trial.
Pikmin was frequently tumbling, but it was me that flubbed at the end. However, I am so happy that I could complete this run.



1日目(Thanks to MrDodiou):まずまずのスタート。
2日目(Thanks to Konkon):全体的に運が良かった。特にヘビガラス戦と蜜
3日目(Thanks to Konkon):途中でアドリブのルートに切り替えたがまさか1日クリアできるとは
5日目(Thanks to Konkon):サライムシを倒す位置が良かった。終盤なので慎重


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