Super GT 24h [Model 2] [Arcade] by Jaleco – Long Course (3’51″88) [HD] [1080p]

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☆タイトル:Super GT 24h [Model 2] [Arcade] by Jaleco – Long Course (3’51″88) [HD] [1080p]

☆投稿者:Saturn Memories

☆公開日:2013-10-03 04:24:57



Super GT 24h (スーパーGT24) is a 1996 racing game developed by Jaleco for the Sega Model 2 arcade board. It was eventually ported to the Saturn late in the system’s life and consequently, never saw release outside Japan. The “24h” in the game’s title refers to the long course’s simulated 24-hour endurance race, during which, the track transitions from day to night and back to day again.

While the physics are a little wonky, there is still a lot to like about Super GT. Vehicles are very responsive, tracks are well designed, and there’s something infinitely satisfying about powersliding in this game. Hardly a classic but definitely worth playing.

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