GTA: SA Lifes a Beach Dance party skip

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☆タイトル:GTA: SA Lifes a Beach Dance party skip


☆公開日:2013-03-06 18:48:35



This trick skips around 3 minutes of dancing…
New updated tutorial

Mission starts as normal, you drive to the beach.
Once there, because it is a grove street gang area, homies will spawn there. You recruit one of them, drive over to the sound van, and spam enter vehicle on the locked drivers door.
Your homie will eventually run over to the passenger side door and get into the van. The second he shows any sign of getting in you hold the H button to disband the gang.
The gang will disband as he enters the car, and he will stay entered.
You then attempt to get into the van again, this time the homie will get out of the car, back in, but this time he will climb over to the drivers seat.
You then run away a decent amount from the party, not too close as to scare anyone there and fail the mission, but not to far as to not be able to see the homie in the car.
You then shoot him in the head, he falls out, and leaves the car door wide open.
You then simply get in and drive away…



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