GT Sport – Suzuka Track Guide (Tips For Faster Lap Times)

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☆タイトル:GT Sport – Suzuka Track Guide (Tips For Faster Lap Times)


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Gran Turismo Sport Track Guide for faster lap times. Thanks for watching everyone!

Fanatec Wheel Bundle:…

Fanatec Loadcell Kit:…

Here are my wheel recommendation settings to make this wheel feel better out of the box: (Don’t forget to update to latest firmware prior to use)

Advanced settings in GT Sport:
Torque – 1
Sensitivity – 1

Fanatec wheel settings:

Sen – 59 (This is degree of rotation)
FF – 100
Sho – 100
ABS – 100
DR1 -5
For – 100
Spr – Off
DPR – Off
Brf – 30 (This is break force. Add this number higher if you want more pressure for full breaking)
Fei – 90 (This setting is how strong rumbles will be. If it’s too much and loud, move this down to 50)

Using PS4 Pro.

“I’m not going to crash into anyone, or race dirty. If I can’t pass you clean, then i’m not good enough.”


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