GT SPORT Stage 8-6 Mission Challenge Gold – cockpit cam

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GT SPORT Stage 8-6 Mission Challenge Gold – cockpit cam
Endurance Race (15 Minute) Gr.3 Garage Car @ Blue Moon Bay

Hi there, a bit of strategy involved with golding this one, as well as lots and lots of left turns

The following tips are one method which worked for me golding it

– using Subaru WRX Gr.3
– all default car settings
– default ABS
– all other assists off
– start with RH tyres
– start with fuel map 4

– first corner brake around 100m mark, shift to 4th
– last corner slight lift off, no brakes, shift to 5th, full throttle
– drive smoothly, drafting as much as possible at every available opportunity
– rinse and repeat driving like this for the whole race

– pit end of lap 10 (should have just below half tank fuel left)
– change to RM tyres, fuel for 13 laps (or fuel to 3/4 mark on the fuel gauge)
– change to fuel map 2 when exiting pit

– will be exiting pit at position 16
– will be just ahead of the other rocket Subaru when it exit pit on lap 12
– will be 1st at start of lap 13

– drive smoothly, keep checking mirror for where other rocket Subaru is
– last 5 laps, make your car as wide as possible ie apply a few doses of gentle sportsmanship blocking the rocket Subaru as it stars drafting you
– fuel tank will be just about empty at the checkered flag
– and watch out for a fast approaching Dodge Viper that might steal your win

Cheers, thanks for watching. Hope the tips help