GT Sport PSVR with GIMX and motion simulator

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☆タイトル:GT Sport PSVR with GIMX and motion simulator


☆公開日:2017-10-22 09:59:53



Accuforce DD wheel and other custom racing devices by GIMX
You can check detail of it as below link

Motion simulator works with Joystick plugin on Simtools 2.1
It takes motion data from controllers
It only works for surge, sway and gear impact when it takes input from controller so it’s very poor than native motion supported games ex. PCARS2
You can check the detail of joystick plugin as below link.

List of using apps
GIMX launcher
Simtools 2.1 (joystick plugin)
PP joy & PP joyjoy (for combine serveral controllers)

List of Devices
R-Craft motion simulator
Accuforce Pro V1
HE ultimate Pedal
DSD handbrake type.3
Simworx Sequential shifter

Enjoy. 🙂