Grand Theft Auto III Mission #44 – Marked Man

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Grand Theft Auto III Mission #44 – Marked Man

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Marked Man is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by corrupt police officer Ray Machowski from the toilet block at the Belleville Park district of Staunton Island, Liberty City.

Claude drops by the toilet block in Belleville Park. Ray tells Claude that he is a “marked man” and needs to escape Liberty City. He wants Claude to take him to the Francis International Airport so he can catch his plane out of the city to Miami. If Claude succesfully drives Ray to the airport, Ray will reward him some items.

Claude and Ray start to make their way to the airport. However, the Shoreside Lift Bridge is guarded by CIA agents, so Claude finds an alternate route, one being the Porter Tunnel. Claude drives through the Porter Tunnel, and he and Ray eventually reach the airport before Ray misses his flight. Once they reach the airport, Ray gives Claude the keys to a lockup in Newport, and enters the airport. After so, he heads to the lockup. Ray pages Claude to take care of the bulletproof Patriot he was rewarded; a rocket launcher, a sniper rifle, an M16, and a flamethrower as well as some money is also inside.