Gran Turismo. GT Sport PS4 2017. Let’s go racing.

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☆タイトル:Gran Turismo. GT Sport PS4 2017. Let’s go racing.


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A few races on the new GT Sport. I am enjoying it so far. Haven’t had much time on it though to get through all the modes and licenses etc. Still getting to grips with the cars. The graphics are great and the sounds of the cars going through the rev range and screaming round corners are ok. Handling is not too bad in the higher end cars. Bit shabby in the cheap ones.

There’s a big selection of cars available and I’m looking forward to the online championships.

A few things that need sorting… When qualifying before a race it doesn’t always register your time so you start further back. Alot of people are also getting the same issues so hopefully they get it sorted soon. As on one of the races my time qualified me at 3rd or 4th but I started in 21st position. Not good! Especially if this happens in the FIA tournaments.

Also would be great to have alot more variety in the online races available. Maybe I need to earn a few more licenses for these to be available or these are the only races for now I don’t know. I’ll figure it out.

Hope I get alot more time on this though as it’s been awhile since the last Gran Turismo. My personal favourite racing simulation game from childhood Gran Turismo 1 up until now.