Fix My Car: Supercar Shop for Android GamePlay

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☆タイトル:Fix My Car: Supercar Shop for Android GamePlay

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Fix My Car: Supercar Shop for Android GamePlay
Fix My Car: Supercar Shop – игра на андроид, где у вас появиться своя автомастерская в гараже. В этой игре вам предстоит взяться за ремонт дорогой машины и улучшить ее по всем показателям. Обследуйте весь гараж, магазин и офис и ищите спрятанные детали для автомобиля. Замените все детали автомобиля на новые, поменяв мотор, подвеску и перекрасьте автомобиль в новый цвет. Измените до неузнаваемости свой автомобиль, сделав его супер скоростным и маневренным. В вашем распоряжении будет более 120 улучшений, современное оборудование и различные детали. Станьте настоящим мастером своего дела и поменяйте внешний вид машины до неузнаваемости.

Русский язык: нет
Поддержка установки на внешнюю SD карту: нет
Автозагрузка кэша: нет
Become the ultimate supercar mechanic! Build a concept Gran Turismo (GT) concept car supercharged for performance… fuel it with luxury racing upgrades in your very own high-tech research and development garage and shop; you’ll have all the high-tech gadgets and robotics money can buy! Spare no part, detail, or custom mod when wrenching in this FireRabbit 3D mechanic simulator game. Drive your skills and passions forward to fix the crashed body and re-design the engine.

* This is the FREE version of the game. Upgrade to the FULL version to remove all ads and get access to all upgrades! *

At one of the world’s best car design facility, you’ve been called to fix an awesome, high-tech auto dream. Starting with wrecked prototype, you and your rich client will work together to fix and upgrade the car to a beautiful, world class racing concept car – a supercar! Explore different levels and work together quickly to get the vehicle ready before the big reveal.

Discover adventure, find hidden objects (HOG), build the highest quality tweaks, cutting edge tools and upgraded parts in this top mechanic game of 2015! Think carbon fiber chassis, coupe, a light, sexy and souped up supercar with fastest wheels. Paint, fix it, mod it, detail it, fine-tune it, pimp it and plaster it with flair and ultimate speed in mind.


+ 120+ objectives and upgrades to do (FULL version only)!
+ Dozens of tools and cool after-market parts to find and install!
+ Perform dozens of jobs ranging from basic routine maintenance to outrageous performance mods!
+ Built-in hint system so you never get stuck (FULL version only)!
+ No in-app purchases – you get everything upfront!


+ Install a nitrous oxide, booster system
+ Hack the engine tuning software
+ Fix the door with robotic welding arm
+ Upgrade the rear airfoil
+ Tweak the turbocharger fan turbines
+ Secure the new brake rotors
+ Lift the destroyed old engine out