Tutsuwa Nima Shrine Guide

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☆タイトル:Tutsuwa Nima Shrine Guide

☆投稿者:Zelda Dungeon

☆公開日:2017-03-26 06:33:19



The shrine is located at the Spring of Power, which is just west of the East Akkala Stable. However, in order to access the shrine, you will need to complete a Shrine Quest. For this particular shrine, you will need to show the Goddess Statue one of Dinraal’s scales.

Dinraal is the giant fire dragon that can often be seen hovering around the far north end of the Overworld map. I recommend hanging out on a higher ledge, just south of the Eldin Great Skeleton. On many nights, just after midnight, Dinraal will appear from the sky in the Akkala direction. The dragon will swoop down, almost to the ground level near the Eldin Great Skeleton. Paraglide over so that you are close to Dinraal and then shoot it with an arrow, causing it to drop a scale. Run over and grab it from the nearby location.

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