Tower Of Druaga, The (GB) Longplay

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☆タイトル:Tower Of Druaga, The (GB) Longplay


☆公開日:2015-06-09 19:13:52



The Tower of Druaga Longplay
Player: FudgyDRS
Version: J

You have been charged by the goddess Ishtar to ascend the Tower of Druaga and rescue the maiden priestess from the demon Druaga. Play through 60 different dungeons in this classic Namco maze game and save the day!

Floor 01: 00:07
Floor 11: 08:05
Floor 21: 16:33
Floor 31: 23:37
Floor 41: 31:05
Floor 51: 38:15

Ending: 49:04

Floor 11: mxv2wz0ow z0owz0of2
Floor 21: apvuu3z0o wz0owz014
Floor 31: upvuunv3w z0owz0ob6
Floor 41: iqvuunvvt 30owz0oy7
Floor 51: 6rvuunvvt fv2w8z069

This is a very in-depth guide to ever port of The Tower of Druaga.
This guide is especially useful for this game because each stage has a different method for unlocking the item.

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