[Puzzle & Dragons] Hera-Ur Descended! – Mythical // L.Kali

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☆タイトル:[Puzzle & Dragons] Hera-Ur Descended! – Mythical // L.Kali


☆公開日:2015-03-01 08:22:32



Puzzle and Dragons [パズドラ] | BADPAD
Descended Challenge! – Hera-Ur Descended!
Demonic Fire Queen – Mythical – No Continues
Build | Shining Goddess of Secrets, Kali

I haven’t seen any videos of L.Kali clearing Hera-Ur so I gave it a shot. Note: Although it’s possible to clear with L.Kali, it will be difficult if you don’t clear the board well or have certain subs and actives ready for crucial moments. That being said, this build is a pretty safe 0-Stone if you use the actives accordingly. I would’ve died after Ifrit on Minerva’s 10k pre-empt if it weren’t for the heart sky falls. I should’ve used LMeta before progressing in this case, but as fate would have it, luck has no boundaries :P. Also, you usually want to save Izanagi’s active to one shot Hera-Ur, I just wasn’t confident enough in my combo ability to crack Ifrit’s 600k defense. Luckily, Yomi Chibs let me do enough damage to prompt Hera-Ur to skip a turn lol,


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