Puzzle & Dragons, Hera Descended – Legend. Amaterasu / Odin beginner team.

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☆タイトル:Puzzle & Dragons, Hera Descended – Legend. Amaterasu / Odin beginner team.


☆公開日:2013-09-13 01:31:12






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This team may seem fairly advanced for a ‘beginner’ team, but this is actually how my first Hera clear went!

All of the subs were different from this video though and I just barely made the 16,428 HP cutoff. I had no max level monsters at the time (I believe my Amaterasu was the highest at around level 65), and my team mostly consisted of 5* lil’ dragons, a Succubus and one Fire Mechdragon.

The run also took me 1 hour and 45 minutes the first time, while this run took less than 30 minutes (even when not sped up).

That goes to say though that the only vital components of this team are:
1. An Amaterasu leader which heals more than 2500 HP (an Ammy with 495 RCV is enough).
2. An Odin leader
3. A team with 16,428 HP or more.
4. A poisoner like Succubus.

If you have any questions about building this sort of team, please do not hesitate to post in the comments!



1. The most important part of this run happens in the planning stage before you enter the dungeon. You need:

* A team with more than 16,428 HP to survive a hit from Hades.
* An Amaterasu leader which heals more than 2470 HP per turn (495 RCV is enough). This is to survive Hera’s hits every turn without manual healing.
* An Odin leader, preferably high level for his high HP value.
* A poisoner.

2. With all of the above components, this dungeon is fairly easy. The hardest part for most new players will be hitting the HP threshold. Check which members of your team have good stat gain for HP and boost those.

3. If you can, bring a nuker like one of the Ancient dragons or a 5* lil’ dragon like Chaos Devil Dragon. This will make the first four waves very easy.

4. Stall on the first wave after taking out one enemy while you charge your skills. With all skills charged, you are ready to go. If you meet any difficult rounds on the next three waves, use Odin’s skill/your nukers to take out any troublesome SYNCED enemies. Then rinse/repeat; charge all skills before proceeding to the next round.

5. Remember, Odin’s damage reduction ONLY kicks in if you are at full HP. Prioritize synced enemies! Devils hit every run, Demons (evolved devils) hit every 2 turns. Mystic Knights hit every 3 turns. Demons will sync with Mystic knights if given enough turns.

6. After you make it to wave 5, you cannot lose as long as you met the criteria defined in point #1 above. Just match every turn and Ammy will keep you alive.

7. Sometimes it may be faster to just do one match as fast as you can to charge skills. Odin’s nuke does a respectable amount of damage.



*None of the subs used in this team are essential, check description above for more info*

Amaterasu leader, Max level +106
Zeus, Max level +297
Hades, Max level +6, Skill level 13
Laphroaig, Level 53, Max skill
Abyss Neptune, Max level +1
Odin friend leader, Max level +48