Kid Icarus NES Review! Special 30th Anniversary Documentary GTV

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☆タイトル:Kid Icarus NES Review! Special 30th Anniversary Documentary GTV


☆公開日:2016-12-16 14:17:10



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Kid Icarus NES Review & History Pit 30th Anniversary Gaming Documentary Retro Classic Nintendo 1987 Palutena no Kagami Famicom 1986

This video would not be possible without help from the following.

Metroid Database for 2004 Nintendo Dream interview

Daniel Remar and Disch Wersher for the info on the exp. system

Bob-NL and Dac2k9 channels for their Kid Icarus NES music

Adam Ford and Sarah Dill for their artwork.

For more info on Kid Icarus NES

For more info on the three Sacred Treasures

Nagano video thanks to Reuters
Other info taken from “Disk Writer Catalog” and Kid Icarus Manual

In 2016 there have been a long list of games that turned 30, most notably, The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest and Metroid. There is still one more game on the list, Kid Icarus, originally released on 19th December, 1986.

There haven’t been as many games in the series as other Nintendo franchises, theres only been three. There was his inclusion as a playable character in the last few Smash Bros. games, Kid Icarus: Uprising

The trademark of the Kid Icarus series is the extensive use of Greek mythology.The original game is based loosely on the the myths of Icarus and Perseus. Icarus’ tale involves him falling from the sky after flying too close to the sun on had crafted wings. Perseus was able to behead Medusa by using a mirrored shield to avoid looking at her directly, and therefore not be cursed and turn to stone.