ILLUSION FIELD -幻影現実- Ending

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☆タイトル:ILLUSION FIELD -幻影現実- Ending


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This video shows you the end of each characters from ILLUSION FIELD Ero game

Story :

Distant future, when science and technology is the year AD9999 has collapsed.
Unleash The Hidden Rings three Imawashiki legendary are fused when it is caused by accident of axis and orbit flow of time overlap, the series planet by the stars of the solar system has occurred, the wickedしborn from chaos again in this world I would become frozen everything what makes everything in the world of ice dragon Korin, living beings ….
There was a country called in one country that is surrounded by a vast sea gods the mother has created, people began to build over the years on the ground of grace. The Middle, there was hidden in there as if turned away from the presence of his own people’s eyes though, and Basilica of the Mysterious secret even feel like a beautiful and mysterious. Is the church that felt like closed from the world, if they reject the intrusion of all, to have hidden powers enough to surpass even the law of nature to deviate from (otherwise) management of the world three ring Imawashiki are isolated, and had been worshiped.
Flows in the years to be forgotten about by people, planet series overlap occurs because of chance and coincidence. Defense of three kids who protect the ring Imawashiki has become trapped by ice dragon that appeared suddenly come out from the chaos. Ring with hidden mighty force is embedded as part of the booty of child protection by the dragon of ice, frozen immediately within the body of our child protection ring began to suck the life of child protection.
Life of a child protection is the month of September suck AD 9999, the planets, and the series, three rings … that would be fused.