Harvest Moon BTN: PowerBerries

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Ten Power Berries And Super Berries From KAPPA In Harvestmoon Back To Nature

Power Berry # 1
After getting 1001 medals in horse racing, you can trade it to
Major .

Power Berry # 2
If fishing in the sea ( not by the beach ) , you will get the Power Berry current
fishing but it takes a long time .

Power Berry # 3
Going to Hot Spring near the mine and the mine dig . After a long
digging , you will get the Power Berry

Power Berry # 4
Go to the Winter Mine ( can only be entered when the Winter , when the lake is frozen ) and galihlah
the mine . After digging for some time , you will get the Power

Power Berry # 5
Go back to the Winter Mine and press the X button in the upper left corner of the place
mine ( outside Winter Mine )

Power Berry # 6
Go to the Cedar Tree that grows separately with other trees ( around the mountain
There hamparang flower / flower garden ) . Try to use an axe to cut it down .
Then the tree said, “if you do not cut me down” , i’ll give you the Power
Berry . But if you keep cut it , you will die ( not a real death ,
anyway . Most just pass out and wake up the next morning in the hospital ) .

Power Berry # 7
After getting all the cooking equipment purchased on TV Shopping
Network that aired every Saturday , they will offer a Power Berry
for 5,000 G. Go to the Inn to call ( 10 G will be subject to
call )

Power Berry # 8
Win Swimming Festival ( held every 1st Summer ) , and you will
get the Power Berry as a reward .

Power Berry # 9
Plant at least 90 Pink Cat flower during the summer , Anna will come to
picking some of the flowers in your garden . Let him pick it , then she will
give you a Power Berry .

Power Berry # 10
Plant vegetables or fruits . Then at harvest , bring 5 vegetables or
these fruits to the waterfall that is near the Hot Spring ( stand behind
waterfall) after throwing five, you ‘ll get a Power Berry . ( you
could bring it home periodically performed during one day ) .

Secret Power Berry # 11
Plant cucumber ( Cucumber ) . Then at harvest , bring 3 cucumbers into the lake
( Mother’s Lake ) . Can be done in season Spring , Summer or Fall . Stand on the side
left upper lake . Stand in the right place , then throw 3 cucumbers
the lake . Kappa will appear and give you a special power berry
ask you not to follow him anymore .
the Power Berry can reduce disease and can work
2 x Stringer , despite weather is bad .