Gaming Goddess VS Final Fantasy XV

Gaming Goddessさんが、2016-11-30 13:42:05に公開した『Gaming Goddess VS Final Fantasy XV』は、ゲーム動画 紹介wikiがYoutubeから厳選して紹介するゲーム動画です。


☆タイトル:Gaming Goddess VS Final Fantasy XV

☆投稿者:Gaming Goddess

☆公開日:2016-11-30 13:42:05



This is sort of a let’s play / first impression all in one video! Final Fantasy has been kind of down hill in my eyes, but this game so far is enjoyable.

I do own a physical copy of this game and there for credit goes to all the voice actors and musically talented people that performed in this game. I am sorry if the video is not viewable to some.

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