F/GO – Quetzalcatl Final Ascension

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☆タイトル:F/GO – Quetzalcatl Final Ascension


☆公開日:2017-01-03 09:26:01




Quetzalcatl is the newest Rider unlocked in the gacha after completing Babylon. Her kit is as follows;

Charisma – Raises the parties attack power for 3 turns.

Wisdom of the Good Goddess – Grants the targeted ally a 1 time guts for 3 turns and boost their Buster Card efficiency for 3 turns as well.

Free of Strife – This skill grants her a 1 turn increase to her star absorption and critical damage. It also gives her a flat gain on her NP gauge.

Her Noble Phantasm is “Xiuhcoatl” is a single target Buster type attack that also seals the target’s NP for 1 turn. It also places a burn effect on the victim for 5 turns, this is effected by overcharge.

Should you use her. Mucho Mucho is a pretty good single target rider. She can do what riders suppose with much more ease and help out a buster team by either providing a safety net or buffing their dmg output.


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