Fairy Fencer F / Advent Dark Force (Walkthrough 攻略 part 15) False God – Apollonius Joins

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☆タイトル:Fairy Fencer F / Advent Dark Force (Walkthrough 攻略 part 15) False God – Apollonius Joins


☆公開日:2015-11-16 02:00:01



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Fairy Fencer F / Advent Dark Force walkthrough let’s play gameplay playthrough PSX PS2 PS3 PS4 VITA XBOX360 XBOXONE WIIU WII PSP

This playthrough contains no annoying commentary about what I had to do today or that kind of useless nonsense. I also attempt to edit out all deaths or times when I’m lost and don’t know what to do (editing is an art that is lost to some people). Additionally, all titles are labeled respectively with what the video is about – it’s none of the “walkthru part 1” and then you wonder where you left off. This is not a show of my skills, and I’m playing the way I feel it. If you have a problem with that, it’s your problem. This is a full walkthrough for the entire game, featuring all bosses and all cutscenes. It contains no commentary at all, gameplay only.

Advent Dark Force is an updated release and expansion of the PS3 title Fairy Fencer F, originally launched in 2013. If you are unfamiliar with the original, Fairy Fencer F a new franchise supported by the backing of JRPG industry veterans – all of whom are celebrities in their field. Featuring Yoshitaka Amano as the concept artist, Nobuo Uematsu as composer, Tsunako as a character designer, Toshiki Inoue as a screen writer and the “Neptunia Team” on development.

Right before Tokyo Game Show 2015 Compile Heart revealed just how much the game has been expanded upon since the initial release, claiming an incredibly precise 218% increase in play time, 179% increase in the size of 3D map areas, and a 192% increase in available scenarios.

Alongside the addition of all that raw content the story will will now branch into three chapters based on specific actions taken by the player. The branches consist of the ‘Goddess Chapter,’ ‘Evil God Chapter,’ and ‘Devil Chapter. Depending on the routes you choose, a number of new characters will appear! One example is Marianna, originally an enemy character, who will also become an ally!

Whereas Fairy Fencer F, the previous game, features three-character battles, Advent Dark Force puts six characters on the battlefield. But with an increase in allies comes more difficult enemies. There will also be three difficulty settings, from which players can choose to match their play style.