Crusaders Quest: The Void – 20; Destiny Potion explained

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☆タイトル:Crusaders Quest: The Void – 20; Destiny Potion explained

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Destiny Potion increases the rate of getting Destiny Points by 2 times. After 5 Destiny Points have been collected (as represented by the hearts), a Legendary hero is guaranteed.

However, all Destiny Points accumulated in that specific dungeon will be reset once any Legendary Heroes is obtained in that dungeon.
Also, the Destiny Points obtained in one dungeon will not affect the Destiny Points in a different dungeon.

Example 1: Having 3 Destiny Points in Path of Rage does not mean you have 3 Destiny Points in The Void.
Example 2: Getting Teresa in Path of Rage will reset all previously obtained Destiny Points in that dungeon but not in The Void. So if you have obtained 4 Destiny Points in The Void, it will not be reset. This applies to all dungeons.

Nonetheless, Legendary heroes like Roland and Rochefort can still be obtained without Destiny Potion.

English Title: Crusaders Quest
Korean Title: 크루세이더 퀘스트
Chinese Title: 克魯賽德戰記

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