Alt Arena – Double Anubis Solo Clear

フランドール ♻さんが、2017-10-30 03:43:27に公開した『Alt Arena – Double Anubis Solo Clear』は、ゲーム動画 紹介wikiがYoutubeから厳選して紹介するゲーム動画です。


☆タイトル:Alt Arena – Double Anubis Solo Clear

☆投稿者:フランドール ♻

☆公開日:2017-10-30 03:43:27



The journey finally comes to an end, 127 deaths later. Thanks to everyone for coming along for the ride; it was stressful, depressing, and disappointing along the way, but the end result was 100% worth it.

Also sorry for the random muted spots, blame Twitch for that.