All of Skyloft’s Heart Pieces & Life Medal – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

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Technically there are a couple Heart Pieces in Skyloft that I don’t show in this video and that’s because they are obtained by opening Goddess Chests from Goddess Cubes that are down on the surface. As such, those hearts can be found in their corresponding videos linked down below.

Heart Pieces:
#1 (0:00): First up is the Heart Piece gotten from Batreaux after finding at least 10 Gratitude Crystals. If you’d like help with the Gratitude Crystals sidequest then you can find a playlist linked down below that shows the entire sidequest from beginning to end.

#2 (0:27): Next up is a Piece of Heart that can be found in Zelda’s bedroom in the Knight Academy. Clawshot onto the vines on the upper part of the academy and head over to the chimney stack. Use the Clawshots on the target underneath the top of the chimney and drop down.

Crawl through the little passageway inside the school and you’ll drop down into Zelda’s room. You can find the Piece of Heart by opening Zelda’s cabinet.

#3 (1:24): This Heart Piece can be gotten after beating the Sandship and completing Fledge’s part of the Gratitude Crystals sidequest. Talk to him outside of the Sparring Hall and play his Pumpkin Shooting minigame. If you get a score of at least 600 points he’ll reward you with the Heart Piece.

The amount of points you get per pumpkin starts at 10, but increases by 10 for every pumpkin you hit consecutively, maxing out at 50 points per pumpkin. You may also see a pumpkin that sparkles. The sparkling pumpkins will give you double whatever points you’d receive otherwise (e.g. 40 points instead of 20).

Tips: I recommend aiming for the top left of the Sparring Hall door in the beginning. Fledge likes to throw the first few in that general spot.
The amount of points you get per pumpkin drops to 10 only if you miss a shot, NOT if you let the pumpkin hit the ground without shooting. Therefore, I recommend only shooting the pumpkins you think you’ll actually hit. That way you can keep your 50 points per pumpkin longer.

#4 (4:08): This one is actually for the Life Medal. Carrying a Life Medal in your Adventure Pouch will add 1 heart to your maximum health. This Life Medal is found in Beedle’s Airshop for 800 Rupees.

#5 (5:14): This Heart Piece is found in Beedle’s Airshop after buying the Life Medal from him. The Heart Piece costs a whopping 1,600 Rupees so if possible, I recommend waiting until after you complete Beedle’s part of the Gratitude Crystals sidequest to buy it. This is because after returning Beedle’s lost Horned Colossus Beetle, Beedle will drop the price of the next thing you buy in his shop to half. If you wait to get this Heart Piece until after getting this half off deal then it will only cost you 800 Rupees.

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