All of Lanayru Desert’s Heart Pieces & Life Medal – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

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There are 6 Heart Pieces & 1 Life Medal in Lanayru Province.

Heart Pieces:
#1 (0:00): The best bird statue to land at for this Heart Piece is actually called “Temple of Time” and if possible I suggest landing there. I chose “Desert Gorge” for those who can’t land there. If you can’t land at either statue then land wherever and make your way to the gorge.

If necessary, use the mine carts to reach the Temple of Time side of the gorge. Near the rock pillars there is a Timeshift Stone in an alcove. Activate it and ride the mine cart along the track to reach the Goddess Cube. You’ll be passing it while riding the cart so I recommend Skyward Striking horizontally to make it less likely you miss. If you do miss then just ride the cart back and forth until you get it.

The corresponding Goddess Chest is found in the northeast section of the sky on Beedle’s Island. It’s the chest found on top of the rock tower.

#2 (3:24): The nearest bird statue to this Heart Piece is called “Stone Cache”. If you look at your map you’ll see a path in the shape of a big loop in the northeast part of the desert. Go to the bottom part of the path and there will be cracked wall (unless you’ve blown it up already). Go through the path until you exit the cave where there’ll be a treasure chest waiting for you with the Heart Piece inside.

#3 (5:22): This one’s a Life Medal which, when carried in your Adventure Pouch, adds 1 whole heart to your health. The nearest bird statue is “Desert Entry”. Go to the spot toward the entrance to the desert where you rescued the robot from the cage back when you first came to Lanayru. Near here, there is a Goddess Cube on a raised walkway. Use the Clawshots on a target to climb up onto this walkway then make your way over to the cube.

The corresponding chest is found in the southwestern part of the sky on an island that is actually made up of 2 islands. The chest you want can be reached by landing on the 1 island and climbing down some vines to the lower part of the island.

#4 (7:09): This Heart Piece can’t be gotten until after you complete the Song of the Hero. The nearest bird statue is called “Lanayru Gorge” (NOT “Desert Gorge”), if you can’t land there then you’ll have to make your way to the Lanayru Caves behind the sand waterfall (if you don’t know where that is then look at your map and you’ll see Lanayru Caves in the western part of the map). Then go through the path that the Goron is standing next to.

Go talk to Lanayru and he’ll allow you to fight past bosses in a boss rush mode which he calls his “Lightning Round”. You’ll need to fight through 4 bosses without stopping. Upon the defeat of the 4th boss you”ll be rewarded with a Heart Piece, but only if you quit after defeating the 4th boss. The bosses you fight will be chosen by Lanayru, but you get to choose the 1st one.

#5 (17:40): The nearest bird statue is “Ancient Harbor”. Otherwise, go to the Lanayru Caves and take the door that requires you to have the Clawshots to access. Talk to Skipper and have him take you to the Sandship.

Once there, take out your map. Click on B2 and look at the chest that I point to in the video. If it looks like you’ve already opened it then you’ve already got this Heart Piece. If you haven’t gotten it yet then shoot the Timeshift Stone at the top of the mast and climb up the ladder. Use the zip-lines to reach the back of the ship. Drop down then Clawshot the target and drop down again to find the chest containing the Heart Piece.

#6 (21:35): The nearest bird statue is “Shipyard”. If you can’t drop there then use the Ancient Harbor boat to get there. Once there, go up the stairs and continue right. Talk to the Goron and choose the “Heart stopping!” track. To get the Heart Piece you’ll need to reach the end in less than 65 seconds.

I unfortunately don’t have much advice for this. You’ll want to lean into pretty much every turn in the track with the 1 exception being the turn at the 50 second mark. The course quickly changes from a left turn to a right one. At this spot lean right the whole time.

#7 (25:50): The nearest bird statue is “Pirate Stronghold”, else take the boat from Ancient Harbor there. Go forward and use the Clawshot target above the door. Use the 2nd target up above and run over to the cube.

The corresponding chest is in Skyloft. Go across the water and over by the cave. Use the Clawshots on the vines on the island floating above you and then again on the island even higher up. Run over to the chest and open it.

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