All Empty Bottle Locations in Skyward Sword – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

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There are 5 Empty Bottles in Skyward Sword.

Empty Bottles:
#1 (0:00): This one can be gotten as soon as Zelda falls to the surface and you regain control of Link. Go into the Bazaar and talk to Luv, the potion lady, and she’ll give you the bottle for free.

#2 (0:33): When you first go down to the surface and talk to the Old Woman inside the Sealed Temple, she’ll tell you to take what is inside the treasure chest to her left. The contents of the chest are a bottle filled with Revitalizing Potion.

#3 (1:19): This bottle can be gotten once you start the Gratitude Crystals sidequest (i.e. once you find Kukiel after she goes missing and she returns home. If you need help finding her then see the video linked below).

After starting the GC sidequest, fly through the sky toward Lanayru Province. About halfway between Fun Fun Island and Skyloft there is a small circular island. Land on it and talk to Orielle who will tell you her bird is injured and asks that you pick up some medicine from her brother.

Go back to Skyloft and talk to her brother, Parrow, who is wandering around the plaza. Upon finding out his sister needs help he gives you a bottle with Mushroom Spores inside. After giving the spores to Orielle you will be allowed to keep the bottle.

#4 (3:24): Go to Eldin Province and, if possible, drop down at the “Inside the Volcano” bird statue. Otherwise, drop down wherever and make your way up to the Fire Sanctuary at the top of the volcano.

Head inside the Fire Sanctuary and take out your map. Look to see if you’ve already opened the chest that I point to in the video. If you have opened it then you already have this bottle. If you haven’t opened the chest yet then follow along with the video to see how to reach it.

#5 (5:27): From the same bird statue as #4 go into the volcano and jump over the floating platforms in the lava. Go up the ledge and take a left into the room with a couple of Cursed Spumes (the fat lava frog things). Behind one of the Spumes is a Goddess Cube. Skyward Strike the cube either from land like I do in the video or by jumping onto one of the platforms floating by in the lava. The platforms only appear once you begin your search for the Fire Dragon so if there are no platforms then you’re not far enough in the game yet.

The corresponding Goddess Chest is found on an island inside the Thunderhead. Drop onto the island and dig down into the diggable spot. There are 2 exits on this island that each lead to a Goddess Chest. The exit you want is the one that’s blocked by a few breakable rocks. Upon exiting, climb up the vines and open the chest to get the bottle.

How to Find Kukiel:

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