All 15 Individual Gratitude Crystal Locations – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

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There are 15 individual Gratitude Crystals: 12 scattered across Skyloft, 2 at the Lumpy Pumpkin, and 1 on Beedle’s Island. Most crystals are available from the start of the Gratitude Crystal sidequest, but a few don’t appear until later in the game. Additionally, the individual crystals can only be gotten at night. If you talk to Batreaux after obtaining the ability to dowse with your sword, then Fi will let you dowse for the individual crystals.

Side Note: You’ll notice I grab a lot of the crystals with the Beetle when it’s not necessary. That is because when you grab a crystal like normal then the game forcefully takes you into the item screen to add a crystal to the counter. When you grab them with the Beetle that doesn’t happen. As it’s a bit much seeing that happen 15 times I decided to use the Beetle most of the time to skip it.

Each crystal’s location:

#1 (0:00): During either day or night, exit the 2nd floor door of the Knight Academy and shimmy along the nearby ledge. Drop down at the end and go over to the vines (alternatively you can just shoot the vines with the Clawshots from the ground). Climb the vines to get on the roof and run over to the chimney thing. Use the Clawshots on it to fall down inside, crawl through the passageway, and drop down into Zelda’s bedroom. If necessary sleep in her bed until night and grab the crystal in the middle of her room.

#2 (1:03): Go to Link’s room at the Knight Academy to find a crystal on Link’s desk.

#3 (1:34): In the Knight Academy there is a potted plant found to the right of (if facing) the 2nd floor entrance/exit. The crystal is stuck to the plant.

#4 (2:06): Head into the Sparring Hall near the school and use the Beetle to grab the crystal sitting on the rafters over by Eagus.

#5 (2:46): Head down the stairs near the Knight Academy’s 1st floor entrance and go to the left. Walk over the wooden bridge and the crystal will be on the ground directly to the right.

#6 (3:05): The way I get these next 2 crystals is a little unconventional. You’re supposed to go through the nearby cave, exiting near crystal #6, then run over to get #7. If you do not wish to get it my way then going through the cave is what you should do.

My way: stand next to the Loftwing bust found to the left of the stepping stones. Take out the Beetle and shoot it down and to the left to go underneath Skyloft. Fly it to the right of the waterfall and you should eventually see the crystal on the ground near the cave’s exit. You DO NOT need the upgraded Beetle to reach these crystals as mine was not upgraded.

#7 (3:49): As I said for crystal #6, you’re supposed to go through the nearby cave to reach these 2 crystals so do that if you don’t like my way.

My way: stand to the left of the cave entrance and launch the Beetle down and to the right. Stay clear of the side of Skyloft so that you don’t accidentally hit it. Keep flying the Beetle down and you should see a little alcove (this was where Link’s Skyloft was trapped in the beginning of the game). The crystal is inside this alcove. As with #6 an upgraded Beetle is not necessary.

#8 (4:29): Near the cave’s entrance, use the Clawshots on the vines on the island floating above your head and then again on the other island even higher up. The crystal is found right where the water is falling off of the island. Alternatively, if you have the upgraded Beetle then you can use it to reach the crystal from the ground.

#9 (5:01): If you’re following along and you’re on the floating island with the waterfall then simply jump off the ledge near the treasure chest. Else make your way across the bridge, up the pathway, and to the left to find a pumpkin patch. The crystal is found behind a nearby tree.

#10 (5:24): Head over to the open courtyard area and climb up the first ladder of the Light Tower. Head around the tower and you’ll come to the crystal.

#11 (5:55): Go into Orielle and Parrow’s house and turn to the right to find the crystal. Their house is the one on the path form the Knight Academy to the courtyard.

#12 (6:30): To the right of the windmill in front of Orielle’s house there is a gap in the barrier next to the stamina fruit. Drop down at this gap and the crystal will be to the right.

#13 (6:46): During the day, go into Beedle’s Airshop and sleep in his bed. Exit the shop at night and use the Beetle to grab the crystal floating atop one of the propellers on top of his shop.

#14 (7:56): Head to the Lumpy Pumpkin during the day and sleep in 1 of the beds inside. The crystal can be found outside in the storage shed.

#15 (8:59): This crystal is found Inside the Lumpy Pumpkin, at the top of the stairs on the half wall

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