►Bastion◄ Who Knows Where: 10 Idol Tutorial – Stranger’s Dream (History Books)

Bald and Beardedさんが、2012-08-08 10:13:02に公開した『►Bastion◄ Who Knows Where: 10 Idol Tutorial – Stranger’s Dream (History Books)』は、ゲーム動画 紹介wikiがYoutubeから厳選して紹介するゲーム動画です。


☆タイトル:►Bastion◄ Who Knows Where: 10 Idol Tutorial – Stranger’s Dream (History Books)

☆投稿者:Bald and Bearded

☆公開日:2012-08-08 10:13:02



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Achievements Completed in this Tutorial:
About the Author: Complete the Stranger’s Dream with all 10 Idols invoked.
All in the Mind: Complete the Stranger’s Dream with 5 or more Idols invoked.

This setup allowed me to complete the Who Knows Where 10 Idol challenge for the Stranger’s Dream (History Books).

Weapon Build:

Brusher’s Pike: Reinforced Shaft / Hunting Grip / Brusher’s Bindings / Heavy Counterweight / Barbed Spearhead.

Galleon Mortar: Burstone Bombs / Target System / High-Explosive Charges / Dampened Tubing / Stonewall Propellant.

Special Skill: Bomb Barrage.

Spirits: Squirt Cider / Hearty Punch / Bastion Bourbon / Falling Malt / Lunkhead Liqueur / Mender Mead / Cinderbrick Stout / Bull Brandy / Lifewine / Leechade.

The key is to use the pike on the armored enemies and the mortar to attack from a distance. Remember to use your shield, cover, and secret skill when you get in tough spots. This challenge is fairly long but made easy with this build.

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